Toyota Etios racing: exhilaration guaranteed

Toyota isn’t new to motorsport; it’s been racing around the world before a lot of us were born. And like any manufacturer worth its salt, it has a dedicated motorsport division – Toyota Racing Development (TRD).

Back here in India, lack of racing circuits and prohibitive costs have kept racecars out of reach of most people. But Toyota is set to change all that. In about a year from now, the Japanese giant will launch its own racing league for young upcoming racers. The idea is to get people to step into motorsport without the burden of investing a lot of money, which tends to be the biggest hurdle plaguing the sport.

So all drivers have been selected from across the country through numerous camps held earlier this year. We were at the venue of the first exhibition race at the MMST track at Sriperumbudur near Chennai. This was the first time the drivers would be racing against each other. But before that, let’s have a look at the car and what has gone into making the humble little Etios race-ready.