Toyota Etios racing: exhilaration guaranteed

Okay, at 95bhp, the Etios track car isn’t the most powerful thing in the world. But for kids who have never raced anything more than go-karts, this is a definite step up. Despite the modest horsepower output, the Etios is visibly quicker than the standard stock car thanks to all the other go-faster bits. Driving one around the track has been quite an experience even for us.

The current driver lineup consists of 25 drivers. If you’re 15-24 years of age, you’re eligible to apply. This season’s slots are over, so watch out for the next one. Drivers pay Rs 1.75 lakh for the entire season. This means six race weekends on three racetracks including the Buddh International Circuit with each weekend having three races.

If you compare it to the VW Polo R Cup, the Etios Motor Racing series is definitely value for money for young talent. With the likes of N Leelakrishnan – seven time INRC champion – on board coaching the young drivers, this platform is the best thing to have happened to Indian motorsport. With observers from TRD watching, the winners of the series may get a chance to race in bigger series in Japan.