Toyota Etios racing: exhilaration guaranteed

We had a go in the track car, race overalls and all. First lap out of the pits, you realise how noisy the track car is. The Irungattukottai track is 3.7km long and quite technical with a mix of sweeping fast corners. Bumpy C1 is the fastest and probably the scariest of the lot. Professionals take this one flat out. We, however, didn’t have the guts to go pedal to the metal, at least initially.

Anyway, the suspension setup ensures you get rattled by each and every bump on the track. But the steering is sharp and grip levels are enormous thanks to those racing slicks. As you learn the limits of the car, you enjoy pushing it. In our qualifying and race, TG placed a close second. The race was cut short thanks to the pouring rain.

But even this little race weekend reminded us how exciting motorsport really is. These kids are extremely lucky to have a platform like this to show the world their talent. As Toyota would put it, it’s waku doki all the way.

(Words: Manish Sarser, Photos: Nitin Rose)