Toyota Land Cruiser Prado: Taming the beast

I've gone berserk. And stupid. A crore is a lot money. And a crore’s worth of metal, plastic and leather is not to be immersed in water or jumped and slid over treacherous terrain. A crore’s worth of car is not to be made to climb odd-shaped rocks and go up trails that could worry even the most courageous wanderer.

Well, I did do those things. Rather willingly, at that.

Most people who get something like a Prado drive it only over nicely-surfaced roads. They don’t know what such cars are capable of. They don’t want to ruin their investment. Which is understandable. But then, that’s like Spider-man refusing to go up bridges and skyscrapers to save the world because he fears heights. But I am not that type. I am here to show you what this machine is capable of, what its limits are, and how it feels getting there. Of course, the fact that it’s not my money on the line helps.