Toyota Liva TRD Sportivo vs Tata Vista D90

Petrol or diesel? It’s an inevitable debate that every car buyer gets entangled into. And off late, there has been a new twist to it. With increasing number of carmakers offering powerful versions of their regular models, the debate sometimes turn into ‘what’s better, a sporty petrol or a sporty diesel?’

The past two months have seen two such powerful hatchbacks being launched; the Tata Vista D90 and the Toyota Liva TRD Sportivo. While the Toyota sips petrol, the Tata runs on sticky fuel, and both companies claim these are sporty versions of the hatchbacks. So then, this gives us an opportunity to pitch the Liva TRD against the Vista D90 and check out if diesel’s low-end torque is more fun to live with or the petrol’s outright power more exciting.