Toyota Liva TRD Sportivo vs Tata Vista D90

We expect sporty hatchbacks to have precise handling and tighter suspension setups. While none of these cars come close to being perfect, it’s the Vista D90 that has an upper hand here. New bits in the steering system have made it slightly sharper and it now responds better than before. The Vista also handles better, thanks to a stiffer suspension setup which helps keeping excessive body roll in check. However, the sportier setup has compromised the ride comfort to some extent and you do feel the bumps on broken roads.

Toyota on the other hand hasn’t done much to make the Liva TRD ride and handle better than its regular hatch. The steering feels lighter, lacks feedback and is quite inconsistent. The ride too isn’t that great and the softer suspension setup means there is massive body roll going around corners. The new seats too fail to keep you in place and you do get thrown around quite a bit. However, slow-speed ride and straight line stability at higher speed are the Liva’s strong points. With the bigger 1.5-litre motor doing its duty, the TRD hits a top wrack of 150kph provided you show it a long enough stretch of open road.

You may or may not be worried with the kilometres they run with every litre of fuel. But just if you are, the Liva TRD returns 11.2kpl in the city and 14kpl on the highway. While the Vista D90 gives 13.6kpl in the city and 17kpl on the highway. Diesel always has an upper hand when it comes to efficiency, you see.