Toyota Prius in an underground street race

I must admit, I like hatches – they take up less road space, sip fuel frugally, and are therefore kinder on Mother Nature. And I particularly like the people who drive them – it is because of people like them that people like me can smoke the last of the fossil fuel left on Earth down and out the exhaust of eight-cylinder fire-breathers.

We at TopGear love green cars. As long as other people are driving them. Anyway, so when the green story was up for this month’s issue, I was involuntarily volunteered for the job, and knowing my infamous heavy right foot, everyone thought it would be a true test of the car’s fuel efficiency.

And for the car in question, we picked the classic poster child of green motoring – the only car in India with a hybrid powerplant, and the badge of choice for Hummer haters around the world. Ladies and gentlemen, the Toyota Prius.