Track test: 2017 Kawasaki ZX-10RR

Why does the ZX-10RR exist? That’s simple. It exists so that Kawasaki can race the same bike in the WSBK championship. It exists just so that Kawasaki can walk up to FIM and say “Hey, look here. This is the same bike we sell to our customers, so you have to let us race it in the series.” Of course, the sidenote is that only 1000 of them will ever be made – just enough to qualify homologation requirements. But the larger picture remains that the RR exists as a base to build your race bike on. It comes ready to take all the performance parts you can think of without ever having to be worried about the engine or chassis giving up. The RR is where your WSBK journey can begin.

Words: Ashok George
Photography: Parag Parelkar