Trikke Question

I hate the idea of electric vehicles. Yet, I admit to being intrigued by them. In the same way devout Catholics are intrigued by Satanic cults and lead raging torch-and-pitchfork mobs against them. Similarly, I hate the idea of malls too, but am forced to visit them for their toy shops and bookstores. So this story has all the makings of the perfect nightmare for me. Until this contraption, called the Trikke Pon-e 36DX, gets its tail (tails?) out and slides at a breakneck 10kph.

Different companies try to put a different spin on the concept of personal transport, ranging from ‘almost acceptable’ to ‘downright weird’. As far as that goes (and leaving out my heavy prejudices and judgements), the Trikke seems pretty interesting. Short-range transport with the added bonus (?) of a full-body workout. Hmm.