Trikke Question

Speaking of winces, Trikke India’s website says the following: “Weighing only 17kg, Trikkes are supremely transportable and easy to carry, either on your back or in their carry case”. Either that’s a joke or they aren’t kidding about Trikkes being a workout on wheels. Last I checked, most people wouldn’t like the idea of 17kg on their backs. This particular one weighs almost 19kg, by the way.

Nonetheless, it’s all high-quality materials here – motorcycle-grade rubber for the tyres, a disc brake each for the rear wheels and a swappable lithium-ion battery. All that you could... er, dream of. What’s most interesting to me is that camber joint/pivot point. They call it 3CV or some such (nothing to do with Citroen)? It also happens to be the reason why the Trikke can do what it does.