Triple testing the Datsun Go

It’s a tough time for Nissan in India. Thanks to a rather unceremonious fall-out with its sales and marketing partner Hover over missed targets, it’s back to square one for the latest Japanese entrant to India. While it battles it out in court with its erstwhile partner, Nissan now has to regroup its dealer network and win the trust of Indian customers all over again while wiping out any doubts that might creep in over its long-term plans in India.

There has never been any doubt about its long term intent. While it outsourced its sales and marketing in India (as it has done successfully in some other countries), it simultaneously went about firming up its manufacturing base through its joint venture with group company Renault. The plant near Chennai is one of its best worldwide, with massive capacity and at a cost that allows it to build and export many models profitably.

Amongst all this mess, Datsun is here. At first, it may seem like just bad timing but on second thoughts, it couldn’t have been better. Surely, initial sales enquiries might be hampered with the dealerships undergoing an ownership transition but the return of the Datsun brand is sending out good vibes being hailed as a global automotive landmark even though it’ll be seen in only four countries globally.