Triumph Speed Twin: the grand daddy

Way before you and I were born, there was a time when these things roamed our streets, with dignity and pride. Our fathers, no, our grandfathers were probably lucky enough to land that dream job and order one of these off-the-shelf at a motorcycle store back then.

The unadulterated chorus of a twin is what you heard when you took a walk down a street back then. The men were in suits, the women wore fine dresses and the machines came with liberal splashes of chrome. It was a classier time, a simpler time, there wasn’t a hangover, it was still colonial, and this
beast was the king of the era – the Triumph Speed Twin.

Wait, your crowded mind may have drawn an off-putting frame. Picture an important road in your city, like Marine Drive in Mumbai. Now erase all the congested bits, sprinkle a handful of Triumphs around and add a few Austins and the like, possibly a few horses as well, just to keep it so – and now you’re getting it.

In black and white. Of course.