Twin test: Audi TT vs Mercedes SLK

Leave the technical specs behind for a minute and just take in both the cars visually. Both look great especially in their shades of red. But the Mercedes with its top-down looks gorgeous. With the SLS-inspired front, the SLK screams for attention. It does look a bit ungainly with the hard-top in place, especially in profile, but all that is forgiven the minute you push the roof-folding button.

The Audi TT on the other hand looks smaller, which isn’t always a good thing. It has no fancy roof sliding into the boot. But the coupe styling is still pleasing to the eye. It may not have the ability to keep your eyes glued to it like the Merc, but it doesn’t make you want to throw up either. The best part of the TT is its rear. That big glass and those taillights remind you of big brother R8. We like. However, you can’t help but notice that the TT looks like just another Audi, albeit sportier and tinier than usual.

Inside, the story is different. The Audi makes more of an effort to impress, with its body colour-coded leather seats. Quality of materials it top-notch and little details pointing to lineage are sprinkled through the cabin. Here too, it feels like an Audi. But we’re not really complaining this time.