Twin test: Audi TT vs Mercedes SLK

But surprise, surprise…the TT turned out to be quite the eager little puppy. You see this little 2.0-litre engine produces 350Nm, which is just 20Nm less than the bigger Mercedes motor’s output. That dual-clutch six-speed transmission and the Quattro all-wheel drive system extract the maximum out of the tiny turbo-petrol. And with the Mercedes weighing 105kg more thanks to that folding tin-top, the TT hits the ton in 6.3 seconds compared to the SLK’s 6.6 seconds. The TT responds crisply to the throttle and feels eager to impress with the brilliant dual-clutch gearbox helping nicely to chip away the Mercedes’ time.

The SLK may be slightly off the TT’s time, but it makes up with its effortless nature. The TT screams and punches through the gearbox while the SLK builds pace in a slightly calmer manner. But what we really like is the noise. The V6 is a gem of an engine. Its six-cylinder growl is something the Audi can only dream of. Every time you hit the throttle, the SLK shows you why you pay good money for it.