Twin test: Audi TT vs Mercedes SLK

You could say the SLK is like Hans Zimmer while the TT is more like Nine Inch Nails – nice but not to everyone’s tastes. For all the noise the SLK makes, it drinks a bit more too. You can expect the SLK to deliver 6.1kpl in the city and 8.8kpl out on the highway. The TT, with its smaller powerplant, will return 6.5kpl in town and 9.5kpl on open road.

Like any respectable road in India, the Lavasa stretch comes with its own set of potholes, patchwork and not to forget, speedbreakers. The SLK definitely has the better ride. It soaks up bumps with a lot more finesse than the TT, but being a convertible, the body doesn’t feel as stiff. There’s some amount of scuttle-shake as you go over potholes.

The steering is light and gives decent feedback. But the best bit is its rear-wheel drive powertain. Flick the gearbox into manual and it’s quite easy to light up the rear wheels and have hours of endless fun, and of course there’s the V6 symphony to accompany. The SLK is one bundle of joy that you can’t get enough of.