Twin test: Audi TT vs Mercedes SLK

The Audi TT rides much harder even without Sport mode on. In Sport mode, the ride becomes stiffer and the steering much heavier. But it has far better body control than the SLK. With no folding roof to worry about, the TT feels far tighter. There’s no shake and rattle as you go through rough patches. It feels more surefooted than the SLK. Even though the ride is stiffer, it feels like a better compromise than the SLK, which almost feels soft in comparison.

The quattro gives you the confidence to power through corners without hesitation. Yes, it understeers earlier than the SLK and steering feel is a bit inconsistent, but the TT’s dynamics can’t be ignored. It loves changing direction, it’s agile and quite the driver’s tool on wet, twisty tarmac. It does lose out on the sideways action that the SLK provides in bucketloads, which is a bummer.

When we first got into the cars, the TT was the underdog, with its mere 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine. The SLK was the car to beat, with its stunning looks and a howling 300 horsepower engine. Both cars are great in their own right. The Mercedes provides you the joys of open-top motoring, which the TT can’t.