Twin test: Audi TT vs Mercedes SLK

Then again, you pay for it too. The TT gives you 90 per cent of what the SLK does, for 20 per cent less money. And 90 per cent only because you can’t enjoy top-down motoring as in the SLK. You can’t argue with the economics here. Even though the 208bhp engine doesn’t sound as delightful as Mercedes’ V6, it isn’t bad and is in fact slightly quicker too.

Both the SLK and the TT take different routes to arrive at the same destination – to bring a huge grin to your face. You could argue it’s unfair to compare the SLK – a convertible – to the TT, which is a coupe. Yes, there are differences in body styles, but in the real world, these are entry-level sports cars. The Mercedes SLK350 costs Rs 89 lakh (on-road, Mumbai), which by no means is small change.

But the TT produces as big a smile and when you see its price tag of Rs 48.36 lakh (on-road, Mumbai), the smile only gets wider. If you’re the practical Indian, which you most probably are, the TT is quite the no-brainer. But then there are the diehard Mercedes fans, who will vouch for the SLK350. And they aren’t wrong – the SLK is a fantastic machine that’s been buggered by a hefty price tag. Did we mention we love the way it sounds?

(Words: Manish Sarser, Photos: Parag Parelkar)