Uncomplicated driving with the Maruti Celerio

A persistent tapping on the window. I look up to see three elderly Jodhpur locals peering intently through the window. “Maruti’s new car? Very good,” says one. “Does it have a diesel?”

Much to the gentleman’s disappointment, this all-new Maruti doesn’t have a diesel powertrain. “It does have an automatic gearbox,” I’m about to say but the trio disappear before that. The Maruti engineer sitting beside me doesn’t seem worried. Because this car isn’t aimed at elderly people living in India’s smaller, relatively less crowded towns. It is aimed at the deep end of our concrete jungles.

The last decade has seen drastic changes to our cities, our roads, even the life of an average Indian. Our lifestyles have changed, our needs have changed, our world has changed.