Up close with the Rolls-Royce Wraith

Of course, even though the driving experience is a slightly odd one, the Wraith also comes equipped with all the comforting modernity you'd expect from a company that has the pick of the BMW electronics cupboard, familiar tech twisted through the prism of Rolls-Royce luxury. A head-up display. Wireless hotspottery. A multifunction trackpad encased in crystal - to control the large central multimedia display - that presents as the top of the only slightly suspiciously iDrive-ish rotary dial on the central tunnel. A stereo that'll blow the doors wide. There is generous seating for four - despite the appearance of that roofline, the rear seats are like armchairs - and enough space for luggage plus bells and whistles galore, all elegantly presented in the usual restrained Rolls-Royce style. Like an Edwardian drawing room designed by Apple Inc. Good stuff, presented well.