Vardenchi Dragster

'Mumbai is a mad city to live in' – that’s how most people describe it. In a way, they’re right. An island city built as a trade port for the East India Company in the 19th century, the city houses more than 1.2 crore people today.

It is a bustling port of call for stockbrokers, filmmakers and real estate developers, among others. The slum and the skyscraper co-exist in close proximity. I am standing in a forgotten part of town (the old Dockyard road); around me are buildings that have been left to crumble. In the distance are spanking new skyscrapers forming the city’s evolving skyline. And in front of me is the Vardenchi Dragster.

This is a bike that started life as a Bullet 500. The owner was looking for something a tad exclusive so he went to a man who transforms your old-school Bullets into cruiser art.