Vardenchi Dragster

If you live in Mumbai, you’ve quite likely seen one of Vardenchi’s creations. Vardenchi is the company run by Akshai Varde, and the Dragster is his latest creation, built for one attention-seeking customer and from what we’ve seen so far, the Dragster never has trouble attracting attention.

This is evident from the crowd milling around the bike, and this is not your aam janta I’m talking about. This is a bunch of policemen, who normally give us TG hacks a full-scale interrogation when they see us on the road with a new car or bike.

This time, they don’t ask questions, but they’re all over the Dragster. Because we’re shooting this in a police impound lot. Which I discover only when I ask one of the uniforms why there are so many of them around.

To Vardenchi’s credit, the bike has been finished so well that none of the policemen recognise that the Dragster is based on their daily ride. In this new avatar, it’s a pearl white bike with black racing stripes running the length of the body.