Vardenchi Dragster

Vardenchi doesn’t do anything to the engine on any of its bikes. So the engine warranty stays valid, which means you can get it fixed at a regular Enfield service station. Oh, and thanks to the shorter exhaust, the bike gets a voice to match its size.

Riding it around for a while, I discover some home truths. Like the fact that the low rear suspension, which gives the bike its cool low-rider look, also gives it a bumpy ride. And on a properly bumpy road, my internal organs felt like they’ve exchanged places.

To be fair to the Dragster, it is a low-rider, which means the rear suspension is meant to sit way lower and doesn’t have the same travel as a regular commuter bike. This should be fine if you’re in the US or Europe, where there’s no shortage of smooth, wide roads. The riding position is upright and relaxed, and on smooth tarmac, it glides. Sadly, in this city, smooth tarmac is an endangered species.