Vardenchi Dragster

In sharp contrast to all my personal agony, the Vardenchi’s fan base is having a nice time clicking pictures on cameras and leching at leisure. I get a few thumbs-ups along the way. Bruised spine aside, this bike really makes you feel like a movie star.

After riding all day, the question remains. The donor Bullet 500 costs Rs 2 lakh, and the Vardenchi mod costs another Rs 3 lakh. Why would anyone pay Rs 5 lakh for an India-made Bullet-based custom bike when you can put in a lakh or two more and buy a Harley?

Then again, why do we pay a large fortune in rents every month for a cramped flat in this mad city when we can put in a little extra and buy a proper house somewhere outside? Because this city’s madness is addictive, and its unique charms are available nowhere outside. Ditto the Vardenchi, I suppose.

(Words: Abhinav Mishra, Photos: Varun Anchan)