Video: how to terrify passengers

Unless you are as annoyingly stout of heart as Simon Cowell when Signor Stig took him around Dunsfold years ago, chances are a racing driver on a hot lap will cause you some level of trauma. Their other-worldly prowess is likely to make your face contort in amusing ways and make many squeaks emerge from your mouth.

Thankfully, the proliferation of in-car cameras capturing the resulting terror and amusing facial expressions means we can all have a good old laugh. How we laughed when just last week, we showed you rather amusing footage of rally legend Walter Rörhl taking a German television presenter out in an Audi S3 and driving at speeds you could classify as ‘bloody quick'.

Which got us thinking. There are more examples of Racing Drivers Scaring Unsuspecting Passengers In Performance Cars On Hot Laps Around A Track, and here, for your delectation, is a non-definitive and purely anecdotal list of some we found on the Internet. They're really quite funny, and proof, that should a racing driver ever offer you a passenger ride in a performance car, make sure the camera is switched off...