Volkswagen Golf on ice

And you will be astounded at the number of people who have been camping at Colin’s Crest – the name being a tribute to Colin McRae. Since they know cars are going to be flying past here, the Swedes have arrived with families, kids and camping gear in -10 degrees C. But in all that brouhaha over VW racing in only its second WRC race with the Polo, I saw the humble Golf standing by. I realised it’s been more than 40 years since VW thought, “Hmm, so what car can we make that will do so well and be so good that it can replace the Beetle?” And it was in 1974 that the Golf Mark I made it to the showrooms.

I am inside the Mark 7, the seventh and latest generation of the Golf. It costs a little more than the equivalent of around Rs 10 lakh in the UK and even lower in the US. But the quality inside is right up there with the Passat. As the WRC versions of the VW Polo, Ford Fiesta, Mini Countryman, Citroen DS were snaking down narrow hairpins in snow-laden forests that Vikings may have once strode through, I gave myself wide berth on an empty frozen lake, easing the longest running humble family hatch in the world along slippery corners.