Volkswagen Golf on ice

Which is where the Golf shines. It doesn’t ask you to make compromises. It may not be fun, but it rides and handles incredibly well. And it’s never as dull and sterile as that other world bestseller, the Toyota Corolla. While it’s the most unglamorous, non-heroic thing to offer – something for everyone – I realise that’s what the Golf has been doing all these years. But in a manner that doesn’t suck the life and joy out of you.

And in all the markets it operates in, it’s the only car for people who don’t know what car to buy, don’t know what car they need, want a car that makes no statement or want one car for all their needs. In a Golf, you can pull up at a five-star hotel without looking like you are there only to use the loo. You can arrive in it at a donation drive without looking like an obnoxious wealthy idiot. And you can drive it to an environmentalists meet without looking like a prime contributor to its depletion.