Volkswagen Polo GT TSI vs Polo GT TDI

This is yet another classic debate of petrol versus diesel with an interesting twist. The red twins you see here aren’t your regular Polo hatchbacks, they are a bit special and just like their sizzling shade they are quite hot too. These are the hottest Volkswagen hatchbacks you could buy in India and they are called the GT. What’s so hot about them, you ask – they look exactly the same as your neighbour’s Polo! That’s the thing, with the GT, VW hasn’t tinkered much with the aesthetics and to get to know their hot quotient, you would have to stick your nose under the hood and/or simply, drive them.

Even flipping through the pages of their brochure you will notice how near identical they are in terms of feature list and the price tags – both GTs cost Rs 8.08 lakh, ex-showroom, Delhi. We are sure at least 8 out of 10 buyers would be scratching their heads over which one to go for. So, here’s our attempt at making things a bit easier for you.