Volkswagen Polo GT TSI vs Polo GT TDI

How do we tell them apart?

It’s difficult actually. They don’t look poles apart in terms of styling so identifying the GTs from their lesser powerful siblings is almost impossible. Only GT badges on the front grille and the bootlid, and a slightly altered rear spoiler confirm they are the “Usain Bolt” version of the Polo hatchback. Just to clarify, they aren’t officially called that. In terms of spotting the petrol GT from the diesel one, it’s nearly impossible to do that when viewed head on. However, there are TSI and TDI badges at the rear and the petrol version also gets nearly unnoticeable GT TSI stickers on the C-pillar.

On the insides though, a key differentiator is the gear knob. While the petrol gets an automatic gearbox, the diesel makes do with a manual stick. And since the GT is only available in Highline trim, both get equal amounts of leather treatment and other features. The TDI, however, misses out on the ESP switch. Everything else – the seat fabrics, the dashboards and the door trims – look exactly the same.