Volkswagen Polo GT TSI vs Polo GT TDI

The verdict

The GT TSI is like Gujarati cuisine – medium spicy and sweet at the same time. The turbo-petrol motor (the spicy part) may not feel all that rapid when compared to the diesel motor, but is considerably quicker than other petrol hatchbacks in the segment. Plus, that DSG ’box (the sweet element) only adds to the overall driving experience – it’s much easier to drive in the city than the GT with a manual gearbox, which brings us to the GT TDI.

It has power, is marginally quicker than the TSI on a straight line and comes across as the wilder of the two. It’s like our desi version of Chinese dishes that come with added spices and extra schezwan sauce. The GT TDI packs in extra punch – the spice missing from the regular Polo TDI is available here. But that’s about it. The manual gearbox isn’t all that great to use and the jerky clutch is a bit annoying. Also, the TDI doesn’t feel as refined as the TSI and it will make you work overtime in the city where you would end up driving the GTs for most part of their lives. In such conditions, you would be better off driving a GT TSI that’s more relaxing of the two. And just when you feel the urge to take the needle past the triple digit mark, floor the throttle pedal and the TSI-DSG combo shall be happy to oblige.

Remember, the GTs aren’t true-blue hot hatchbacks or superminis as VW loves calling its GTI versions elsewhere, but GTs are the best compromise between power, efficiency and value for money. We say compromise because neither of the GTs are lightening quick, and certainly aren’t the top choices when you think of protecting the ozone layer. But when it boils down to the overall fun factor, it’s the GT TSI that comes on top.

A round of applause for the petrol GT then.

(Words: Devesh Shobha, Photos: Rajeev Gaikwad)