Volvo vs man: Big is beautiful

I am not an adventurous bloke. That’s what everyone around says of me. And when I think about it, I realise that may even be true to some extent. I haven’t jumped off a cliff with just a stretchy bit of rope tied to my feet, neither have I conquered any mountains on foot. I am yet to embark on an impulsive month-long road trip, and I can’t even think of travelling the world because I don’t have a passport yet. But what I do have is a few out-of-the-ordinary dreams that qualify for my bucket list of adventures. And one of them is to drive a truck. A monster truck. So when an opportunity to drive India’s most powerful 8x4 tipper comes along, I waste no time saying yes.

It is a gloomy October morning and my ride for the day is the Volvo FMX 440 8x4 tipper, literally standing tall at the truck maker’s Hoskote plant premises in Bangalore. Launched in 2011, the FMX is the pride of Volvo’s truck portfolio in India. And taking centre stage at its test track, it has a charisma all its own. Not only is the FMX the segment leader as far as power figures go, it also leads the pack on value for money. So I’m really expecting this frontrunner stallion to give me a tough time on our first outing together.