Wagon Wheels

Imagine the scene: Jürgen Eberle shows up to work one morning as an engineer at Daimler AG, ready to do his usual engineering job as the man who makes sure that all the stuff that is supposed to fit in the front of a Mercedes-Benz E-Class – the electronics, headlights, cooling and all that important stuff – actually fits in the front of an E-Class. On his way to his office, he spots a G-Wagen 4x4² – the one with the portal hubs instead of a traditional axle set-up. And he starts thinking.

Possibly muttering something along the lines of “Ich frage mich, ob…” The words “I wonder if…” that – when uttered by an engineer of any stripe – invariably lead to bent bits of metal and complicated drawings that involve maths. Essentially it’s the PhD engineering equivalent of “Hold my beer.” Jürgen, you see, is an avid off-roader. He loves things like portal-geared hubs.