What's 'Caffeine and Machine' all about?

Phil McGovern is waxing lyrical, lost in a furious eddy of inspiration, and it’s something to behold. A impressive mini-rant-slash-mission statement that’s a weird mix of hippy socialism and southern-American TV preacher, seasoned with an obvious - and slightly feral - intelligence. His green eyes are gently unfocussed behind his patched-up glasses as he surveys the plot of his new venture near a little place called Ettington at the bottom of the Cotswolds, mentally overlaying future vision on the bones of the present. He’s pointed himself in the direction of the massive, majestic and ancient cedar in the middle of the grounds, the view forwards summertime idyllic. TG looks back at a builder joyfully smashing a wall down of the main house with an implausibly large hammer, take in the various skips and rubble piles, and can think of only one thing:

“Did you really just quote the tagline from Cheers?”

“Did I?”

“Yeah. ‘Where everybody knows your name’ - that’s from Cheers.”

“Well.. it fits. This is going to be something special. And even if people don’t y’know, actually know your name, they soon will. You’ll know they’re your people - we’re all the same species, just different tribes. We’re going to give everyone a place to come.”