Xbox One impressions

Is that a new Kinect?

Absolutely, and before you ask, no your Xbox 360 Kinect is not compatible.

The Kinect plays an integral part in interacting with the Xbox One. You can practically dump the controller and do everything with the console using just your voice and hand gestures. Games of course will still use the controller (thankfully), but expect Kinect to be a part of your core gaming experience.

The Kinect itself is a lot smarter this time. Instead of elaborate gestures, the Kinect now recognises you in your entirety, including your fingers, expressions, creases on the clothes you're wearing and even the amount of weight you're putting on each foot. It has a 1080p camera to monitor up to six people in the room also work on Skype, which seems to be embedded into the Xbox One experience.

Voice recognition is back as well in Kinect, and this time it claims to be able to identify your voice commands regardless of how noisy your gaming room is.