Yamaha R15 V 2.0 vs Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

However, here again, both have completely different approaches. The Pulsar, despite its not-so-great tyres handles well. The 280mm front disc offers good feel and you can rely on it to haul you down from speed. The Pulsar feels planted, if a bit heavy, at all times. At 145kg, it’s 9kg heavier than the R15 and you can feel it. Nonetheless, the Pulsar is a lot of fun in corners and it’s very much possible to find the fastest lines through curves at will. It’s just that the R15’s that much better.

The Yamaha, with its torture-simulating riding position, makes all the sense in the world in corners. The R15’s front disc, though smaller than the Pulsar’s, offers brilliant feel. The V 2.0 is not as lightning quick and neutral as the older R15, but it still comfortably sees off the Pulsar in a corner. It feels planted yet light on its feet, allowing you to get more and more adventurous in corners and that’s a sign of a forgiving motorcycle. If you’re planning a lot of track days, the R15 is still the better choice.