Yamaha R15 V 2.0 vs Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

In this contest between the homegrown brawler and the suave Japanese, it’s the former that wins. The Pulsar costs around Rs 1 lakh in Mumbai compared to the R15’s Rs 1.2 lakh. At the end of the day, more power for less money makes a lot of sense to us. Having said that, this is an overall victory - there are some aspects (build quality and outright handling prowess) where the R15 is better than the Pulsar. If all you want to do is drool at the sight of apexes, it’s best if you stumble into a Yamaha showroom. For everyone else, it’s the Pulsar we recommend. It’s still the hooligan for the masses, eh?

(Words: Kartik Ware, Photos: Devesh Shobha)