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28 September 2011

480bhp Nissan Juke: first pic

This is the ‘Super Juke’, stripped out and powered by something almighty indeed...

Vijay Pattni
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Deep in the bowels of Nissan's R&D department, a small room populated by automotive scientists is buzzing with the light of life having just created this: meet the Super Juke.

As you can quite clearly see, it is no ordinary Juke. This is a sketch of a one-off concept that builds on the standard model's ‘challenging' looks via the addition of an enlarged and angry front grille, enlarged and angry side skirts, a pair of rear spoilers and some bonnet vents. Those wheel arches also look lightly enlarged and angry, housing some rather fetching black rims.

But, you can see all those things for yourself. No, what you really want to know is what sits behind that ‘challenging' mouth and grille. Sadly, nobody knows apart from Nissan, but we can use conjecture - the reason Internet was created - to assume it'll be a detuned version of the 3.8-litre twin-turbo lump in the GT-R. In that car, power sits at 525bhp and 434lb ft of torque to help it accelerate to 100kph in under three seconds.

In the ‘Super Juke'? Expect an equally bombastic sprint time and some interesting corner entry/exit speeds. We're also guessing it's four-wheel-drive, unless of course, those same engineers were high on laughing gas and decided otherwise...

Nissan UK remains tight-lipped, with official details expected next month. But, reiterating Nissan's line on the Juke's Facebook page, "is this car exciting enough for you?"


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