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10 June 2013

510bhp Dutch supercar headed for London

New Vencer Sarthe is coming to Salon Prive for UK debut. What do you think of it?

Sam Philip
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This is the Sarthe, an 'exclusive, handmade mid-engined sports car' from start-up Dutch firm Vencer. It packs a 510bhp Corvette V8 driving the rear wheels and... yeah, we know what you're thinking. You're thinking: "Don't waste my time, Top Gear. This is clearly another one of those ambitious-but-ill-conceived projects that will amount to absolutely nothing. Another Weber. Another Keating. Another Plethore."

We hear you. But maybe - just maybe - the Vencer Sarthe will be different. For a start, it's clearly been made by people who know what they're talking about. Vencer confidently informs us that GM V8 is 'directly bolted' to the Sarthe's six-speed manual gearbox, a welcome improvement on all the mid-engined supercars currently employing the 'indirectly bolted' method. In a further stroke of genius, that gearbox has been configured to point that 510bhp at the rear wheels, a relationship Vencer promises will return 0-100kph in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 325kph.

Utilising a state-of-the-art 'space frame chassis' wrapped in aluminium and carbon fibre, the Sarthe weighs just 1390kg. But don't go thinking it's short on luxury. Oh no. The Sarthe is literally dripping with features, including an 'efficient climate control system, electric windows, central locking (yeah, all the doors!) and even an alarm. Vencer says 'upon customer requests the car can be equipped with additional features'. TopGear cannot imagine what more you might possibly need.

And Vencer hasn't scrimped on safety. We're sagely told the Sarthe gets an anti-lock braking system and electronic brake distribution to 'properly support the driver in difficult and unsafe situations'. Modern extravagances like traction control, we can only assume, are regarded as improper support.

Still less than convinced? Well, go decide for yourself. The Vencer Sarthe will make its debut at the Salon Prive super car show at Syon House next month. What do you think, TG? Vencer: the next Pagani?

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