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30 January 2014

A new V8 supercar. From Canada

The Felino cB7 wants to be a street-legal purpose built track car. With a big 525bhp V8

Vijay Pattni
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O Canada, what have you been up to? Late last year, we received fine news of a new lightweight track-day special in the shape of the Magnum MK5. Now, we have received more news of a new lightweight track-day special in the shape of the Felino cB7.

What's it all aboot, then? Like Martin Luther King, Canadian racer-turned-CEO Antoine Bessette had a dream; though his was less about civil rights, more about building his own racing car that costs less than Rs 60 lakh. Quite specific, then.

It took four years to develop the concept for this Felino cB7, and "although there are a few details to iron out", we're told the company is now in the position to begin pre-production models, having sorted the capacity to produce more composite and carbon fibre bodies and store parts. That's handy.

So what's inside? A mid-mounted 6.2-litre V8 with 525bhp and 663Nm of torque (no doubt a GM-sourced unit), that's what, together with a six-speed manual gearbox sending power to the rear wheels and the rear wheels alone. You do get the option of a four-pot turbo or a six-pot of some description, but the V8 is the one being tested at the moment.

There's independent double wishbone suspension all round, cast from aluminium, and 355mm diameter brake discs with six-pot calipers on the front (four pots on the back), too. Plus you get moulded carbon fibre seats, a six-point harness, carbon fibre dashboard, on-board data acquisition and "optional race suit cooling", for those sweaty oh-crap-I've-missed-the-apex-by-a-long-shot moments. Seeing as it's Canadian, though, you can just open the window and let a cool breeze in. We hear it's quite cold over there at the moment.

Outside? You're looking at a composite and carbon fibre body, with a carbon fibre diffuser, HID performance lights, side cameras, and the whole thing is said to weigh just 1135kg. Presumably that's dry without any fluids or a fat businessman aboard, but still - a featherweight considering the old C6 ZR1 ‘Vette weighed over 1500kg.

All performance data is yet to be confirmed, with tests "to be carried out in the summer of 2014". And in fact, all specifications are subject to change. That's all right, then.

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