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13 October 2011

Air-Drive to F1 contest winners

These 12 guys get a free pass to the Indian Grand Prix

Gagan Gupta
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Our Air-Drive to F1 contest may have ended, but the party is just starting for our 12 winners. Here's what we're giving to these guys...

Grand Stand ticket winners (worth Rs 35,000 each):
Rajesh D. from Mumbai
Abhishek Sinha from New Delhi

Premium Stand South ticket winners (worth Rs 12,500 each):
Naveen Kumar from Delhi
Abhinav Singh from Delhi

Star Stand 3 East ticket winners (worth Rs 8,500 each):
Zhang Shikui from Delhi
Swapnil from Mumbai

Classic Stand North ticket winners (worth Rs 6,500 each):
Pariket Doshi from Mumbai
Kartik from Gurgaon

Classic Stand East ticket winners (worth Rs 6,500 each):
Yash Paithankar from Nagpur
P.V. Subba Rao from Delhi

Classic Stand West ticket winners (worth Rs 6,500 each):
Vandit from Mandi Gobindgarh
Ravi Dhama from Navi Mumbai

Winners, be sure to check your emails, we will be contacting you soon.

You lucky, lucky blokes you!


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