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09 May 2014

All hail Japan’s wooden supercar

It hits 80kph, has a rear wing, and costs Rs 26.5 lakh. Wood you?
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In the Malvern hills, there's a shed full of blokes that build wooden supercars. They call themselves Morgan, and they're the height of British quintessence. A few thousand miles away, on another island nation, a group of equally skilled, equally bonkers blokes have had a go at something similar. And somehow made it even more mad.

This is the "Maniwa", built by Sada-Kenbi. And if that name doesn't appear on your rolodex of Popular Car Manufacturers, that's because it's not one. The company specialises in making things out of wood, and insists that extends to cars.

It's a sort of trike thing that's fully road-legal, features motorbike-like handlebars, a drivers' seat and a two-person rear bench. There's also a set of gull-wing doors and lumbering (sorry) top speed of 80kph from the 175cc engine.

There's only one, and it costs Rs 26.5 lakh. Interested?

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