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02 September 2013

Ambassador now BSIV compliant

The new 1.5-litre diesel motor powered Ambassador Encore can now be sold in Indian metros...

Gagan Gupta
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The world's best taxi is now eligible to run the busy metropolitan streets. Yes, Ambassador finally gets a BSIV compliant 1.5-litre diesel engine in its brand new avatar - the Ambassador Encore.

Aimed mainly at the replacement taxi segment, HM is offering initiatives to get the spanking new Ambi at a reduced price in exchange of old taxi's. Also, West Bengal government has recently issued 2000 permits for the no-refusal taxi segment, with another set of 2000 similar permits expected to be released in November. HM expects a good share of sales from these lots.

Mr. Uttam Bose, Managing Director & CEO, Hindustan Motors Ltd., stated, "It is a game-changing offer from HM which has always accorded highest priority to customers’ needs and purchasing power. The company made significant investment in terms of money and man hours to upgrade its BS III 1.5-litre diesel engine to BSIV standards and OBD 2 level. Yet it has chosen not to pass on the expenditure to customers. Through value engineering and cost-efficient manufacturing, HM is able to offer Ambassador Encore at this amazingly low price without any compromise on quality."

The 'amazing low price' mentioned would be Rs 4.98 lakh, ex-showroom, Kolkata. About time the Ambi got a BSIV motor, TopGearheads? Tell us in the comments below.

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