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20 September 2017

An evening at The Park

TopGear and Lodha, came together once again for an evening of a richer life
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Two iconic brands, TopGear and Lodha, continue their association, a blend of fine living and automotive thrills, this time to showcase another luxury property, The Park.

The extravagant evening for the affluent began rather interestingly with a tea-tasting session hosted by tea sommelier Radhika Batra. The audience was introduced to the often overlooked and vast variety of teas even within the known nomenclature. Following the session of tea indulgence, the guests turned to a session with professional racing driver and racing instructor, Rayomand Banajee who had some pro-tips for the opulent folk to drive their luxurious and often fast cars in the best and safest way possible. It was an informative session and he even encouraged them to bring their fast rides to open track days if they truly want to take their brilliant cars to the limit. 
The final acts of the evening to take the stage were two stand-up comedians, Joel D’souza and Vaibhav Sethia, both of whom left the audience in splits.

Speaking about the evening and its association with The Lodha Group, Girish Karkera – Editor, BBC TopGear India said, “This is our second collaboration with The Lodha Group. While the last event focussed on the beauty of automobiles, today our collaboration with the Lodha Group sees us go a step further and get into the finer nuances of extracting more speed from your car with race driver Rayomand Banajee. We hope and look forward to a continued association with The Lodha Group to explore several extraordinary and out-of-the-box collaborations like these.”


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