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18 April 2014

Are there ghost cars in Russia?

Take a look at this mysterious dashcam footage, and tell us what the hell's going on…

Rowan Horncastle
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Another day, another mysterious chunk of footage from Russia captured on a dashcam. But unlike the humorous-yet-disturbing clip of two bovines in the throes of passion getting hit by a car, or a policeman clinging to the bonnet of a speeding car, this one's just plain freaky.

Yes, it appears that Mother Russia now has ghost cars. Pesky four-wheeled poltergeists that literally come out of nowhere to cut up cars and cause them to crash.

We've reviewed the clip over and over and can't work out what's going on. So it's over to you lot. You always have an answer, so explain this one in the comments below. Please. We're scared.


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