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12 May 2011

Aston Martin and Zagato tease concept

Supercar to debut at Villa d’Este celebrates 50th anniversary of DB4GT Zagato
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Good news! Aston Martin is teaming up with Zagato to build that vision of red supercar you see above. Bad news! That's the only picture we've got at the moment.

Set for a Villa d'Este debut on 21 May, the concept supercar will celebrate 50 years since Aston and Zagato made merry with a DB4GT and marks a very fruitful relationship. At the show, Aston will gauge reaction and if many rich people order their manservants to ‘make it so', a production car could follow in 2012.

After Villa, the concept will make its racing debut at the Nurburgring 24hr race, and this excites us greatly.


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