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14 February 2012

Aston Martin DB5 returns in Skyfall

Classic Bond machine to return in upcoming 007 adventure. Time to rejoice

Vijay Pattni
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Good news, Internet - an Aston Martin DB5 has been spotted filming on the set of the upcoming James Bond film, Skyfall.

The vintage Aston even bears the original number plate, BMT 216A, used in the 007 classic Goldfinger, and as such, answers an important question about Skyfall. We now know there'll be at least one Aston Martin in the film.

It was reportedly seen during a chase sequence, and makes a return to the big screen following its most recent drive in 2006's Casino Royale.

No word on the precise length of the DB5's on-screen tour of duty, but in Daniel Craig's first outing as 007, it made a fleeting appearance following a high stakes poker game.

Surely the arrival of the DB5 is a good omen for a James Bond film? Despite not allying strictly to Fleming's original spec - the Bond in the books drove a Bentley - it remains the definitive 007 car.

But what else should Bond drive in Skyfall when it hits cinemas in November 2012, the highly astonishing Aston Martin One-77? McLaren Fax Machine? A slightly rubbish used Jaguar XJS?

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