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19 February 2014

Aston Martin Vantage gets lipsticked

Special edition ‘N430’ V8 is pouting with pride. Someone grab the mascara
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If you've always fancied a V8 Vantage but have so far found the littlest Aston sadly deficient in the lipstick department, today is a good day.

Aston Martin has today unveiled a special edition Vantage, dubbed the ‘Vantage N430' and inspired by either (a) the firm's similarly pouty GT4 race car or (b) a trip to the Debenham's beauty counter.

In essence, the N430 is a Vantage S in racy drag, sharing that car's 424bhp, 4.7-litre V8, good for a 0-96kph time of 4.6 seconds and a top speed of 305kph.

But with carbon fibre/Kevlar seats and lightweight alloys, the N430 is 17kg lighter than the Vantage S, and comes with the Aston's six-speed manual as standard - the seven-speed ‘Sportshift' robotised manual is an option.

There's a smattering more Alcantara and carbon fibre on the inside, with added black on the outside. And, of course, that unmissable lipstick. Because you're worth it.

Go on, Aston: go the full make-up hog. Treat the Vantage to a set of Miura-spec fake eyelashes and a dash of blusher below the doorhandles. It'll be FABULOUS.

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