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09 May 2014

At VW’s apprentice programme students get to design a fire truck

Makes us want to apply for driving duties. Details inside...
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Automotive internship usually means students joining a manufacturing facility to learn how a production facility works. Doesn’t sound very exciting, but then again working on the assembly line never is. Volkswagen took a different approach with their three-year Dual Apprenticeship Programme at the Chakan Plant in Pune.

The programme, which is a mechatronics course, educates students in various aspects of car production. The interesting bit? The final year project called for making a fire-fighting vehicle for the plant’s Safety department. The team of 14 decided to base their fire-fighting vehicle on a low budget car. Why low budget? Well, ripping off a Passat was a definite no-no.

Utilising components of VW’s Vento and Cross Polo, the team created a pick-up design that is powered by a 1.6-litre TDI engine. The pick-up design was chosen as it adds flexibility that is useful for daily use within the manufacturing facility by the Fire and Safety department.

The fire-fighting car will be used for daily inspection around the plant, as well as for the movement of materials by the Fire and Safety department. Now how do we apply for the driver’s job in the elite fire-fighting team?


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