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19 September 2013

Audi begins local production of the Q3

The Q3 becomes the fifth Audi to be produced at the Skoda facility in Aurangabad

Amaan Ahmed
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Audi is really tightening its game for India now. The Q3 S was introduced as a more affordable version of the compact Audi SUV, while the A4 was bestowed with a more powerful diesel engine earlier this month. Now, in order to cut down on waiting times, Audi has started local production of the Q3.

After the A4, A6, Q5 and the Q7, the Q3 is now the fifth Audi to be made here at Skoda's plant in Aurangabad. The Q3 will be built in a new, spread-over-20,000-square-metres hall constructed at the plant, which it will also share with the Q7's assembly line. Following this, the plant can now churn out 13,000 Audis every year while operating in single shifts.

On the occasion, Dr. Frank Dreves, Audi Board Member for Production said "The infrastructure in the plant, efficient working processes, qualified workforce and a well-developed logistics environment, along with the growth potential of the Indian market, were the factors that motivated us to expand the product portfolio at the Aurangabad plant."

Interestingly, Audi's sold 19 per cent more cars till August this year than it did in the same period last year. Well, at least you won't have to wait very long to get your hands on the baby Q anymore!

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