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03 June 2014

Audi freshens up the RS7

The speed-hungry Sportback gets new headlamps, fiddly tail lamps, and a reworked infotainment system. Retains 4.0-litre V8. We really like that last bit

Amaan Ahmed
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At some point in its lifecycle, every car needs a facelift. The A7 Sportback is no exception to the rule, which is why Audi gave it one just last week. And quite obviously, once the standard A7 and the slightly warmer S7 were treated to a cosmetic job, the super-quick RS7 wouldn't be left behind.

This here is the refreshed RS7, and as you can see, it's got minimal changes on the outside. The biggest of which are the new headlights - they're now differently shaped, and are the single-tube LED kind, just like the ones every new Audi is adopting. Also, Audi will happily replace those with its fancy new 'Matrix LED' lights, which automatically lower the beam to reduce glare for oncoming traffic, and still provide adequate illumination to the driver. No more being sneered at by drivers heading the other way, that is.

The grille, referred to as the 'singleframe', has been tweaked a bit, and it can now be had in a total of three finishes - gloss black, carbon and matte aluminium. The front bumper has been reworked, the tail lights feature a slightly fussy internal design, and... that's it. To our eyes, the facelift, viewed head-on, looks eerily similar to the RS6 Sportback, with the only differences being the absence of roof rails on the RS7, and the model-specific badging up front, of course. Otherwise, it looks exactly like a squinty-eyed RS6.

Inside, the changes are subtle, with the instrument cluster being redone, the AC vent controls, revised paddleshifts and an updated touch-operated MMI navigation plus system, which is assisted by a new graphics processor made by Nvidia.

The rest of the package stays the same - 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8, 552bhp, 700Nm, eight-speed auto, tenacious quattro all-wheel drive. Like Sriram Narayanan had mentioned when he drove it a few months back, the RS7 takes the same time to go from 0-100kph that you would take to pronounce 'Mississippi' three and a half times, and delimited, it will run to 305kph by the time you think "Why am I pronouncing Mississippi over and over again?"

Natural evolution, or a vaguely sterile attempt to make it look like all other Audis? Whaddya think, dotcommers?

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