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12 July 2013

Audi launches the S6

Audi's leather-lined rocketship has arrived, and it has got a ballistic, yet clever new engine in tow

Amaan Ahmed
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Audi is feeling very schporty these days. It launched the updated RS5 Coupe in India a mere 10 days ago, and it now wants to offer the discerning Indian luxury car buyer a better taste of its discreetly-indiscreet 'S' range of saloons. Ah, the S4 you say? Yes, it has been on sale in the country for a while now, but if you wanted a V8-powered luxo-barge with four rings on its snout, you can now put the moolah down for the S6.

Just like the S4, the S6 is an A6 that has had a change of heart. And quite a significant change it is too - the engine bay is crammed with a 4-litre, twin-turbo V8 petrol that churns out 415bhp and 550Nm of torque. Audi says the S6 will dispatch the 0-100 run in a matter of 4.6 seconds, and run into the speed limiter at 250kph.

It is no ordinary powerplant, this - it features Audi's cylinder-on-demand (COD) tech, which shuts off four cylinders when the car is only tootling about town, making it like any other A6 on the road, and lets you have the goodness of all eight cylinders when you're giving it the beans, unlike any other A6 on the road, lowering emissions and returning more to the litre in the process. The Bentley Continental GT V8 employs the same mill in a higher state of tune, just to give you something to chew on.

All this V8 fury is channeled through a seven-speed S Tronic automatic gearbox, while Audi's quattro all-wheel drive system should ensure the S6 stays planted on our pockmarked roads. The ride quality, with the 19-inch alloys (housing massive new brakes) that the S6 rides on, and its adaptive air suspension, will be an aspect to be discussed when we get our impatient hands on the car.

While it may be very fast, it hasn't forgotten the luxury bits in the factory - you get huggy, electrically-adjustable alcantara and leather sports seats, carbon inlays on the dash, a 3.5-inch MMI touchscreen with an extra digital speedo, a stereo with 10 speakers and an optional CD/DVD changer, apart from the usual list of gizmos.

Audi has priced the S6 at Rs 85.99 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), and apart from some badging, bigger rims, quad exhausts and a new lip spoiler, the S6 has very little to visually distinguish itself from its siblings sold at almost half the price. A sleeper like this, or would you want a shoutier four-door (read: Merc E63)? We leave the discussion open...

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